Pepperking Habanero Rush

Hungry Volcano


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  • A Fabulous locally grown hot sauce from Airdrie, AB made with 9 different Peppers. It is a combination of hot and sweet peppers that gives this sauce a very unique taste with a kick. Great in Chili's, Stir Fry's, Soups also great for dipping all types of crackers.
    Heat Level: 7.5/10

    Ingredients: Red Habanero, Red Scotch Bonnet, Sugar Rush Peach, Yellow Monster, Chinese Five Color, Buena Mulata, Cheese Blend Hungarian, Red Bulls Horn, Onion, Cherry Bomb, Honey (Killian Honey), Water, Lemon, Lime, Vinegar, Paprika, Sea Salt, Xanthum Gum.


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