Mexico Lindo Salsa Picante Negra Black Hot Sauce with Chiltepin Pepper XXXtra Hot

Mexico Lindo


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  • This sauce will give you a taste of Mexico filled with fire!

    Ingredients: Water, dried arbol chili, chiltepin pepper, tomato paste, iodized salt, hydrolyzed vegetable protien soy, seasoning mix (spices, iodized salt, and monosodium glutamate), citric acid, acetic acid, fructose, modified starch, class IV caramel color, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate (as preservative) and potassium sorbate (as preservative), sodium erythorbate and sodium metabisulfite (as antioxidant), ascorbic acid, FD&C yellow no.6 and FD&C red no.40

    Size: 150 ml / 5 oz

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