Jersey Barnfire Sweet & Spicy Thai Chili Sauce

Jersey Barnfire


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  • A super hot with flavor!  Carefully crafted to bring you the heat you want but without sacrificing any of the bold flavors that lie beneath.  This sauce blends savory garlic with sweet ginger, then heats it up to a whole other level with moruga scorpion and 7-Pot Primo peppers!  Great on wings, ribs, seafood, chicken and dumplings! 

    Ingredients: Vinegar, sugar, water, garlic, candied ginger(ginger, sugar), scorpion pepper mash(scorpion peppers, vinegar), red 7-pot primo peppers, gluten-free soy sauce(waterm soybeans, salt, rice, sugar), spices.

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    Size: 150 ml / 5 oz

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