Wild Mild BBQ

Uncle Dougie's

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  • Uncle D's been in the kitchen again folks, and this time he's have developed a barbecue sauce dedicated to those that love Uncle Dougie's ZIP but can't always take the ZAP! He's created the most wild of the Milds...wild enough to put the Uncle Dougie's name on it. Introducing Uncle Dougie's Wild-Mild Barbecue Sauce. A perfect blend of the finest, all natural, spices & seasonings.

    Ingredients: tomato paste made from red ripe tomatoes, peppers, malt vinegar, vinegar, pure honey, salt, water, garlic, onion, cayenne peppers, ground black pepper, brown sugar, xanthan gum, natural maple flavor, natural smoke flavor.


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    Size: 532 ml / 18 oz

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