HellenBack Hot Sauce


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  • HELLENBACK is an inferno of devilishly combustible fiery heat, which puts you on a trip with a heliaciously flaming inferno woman from the deep bowels of Hellenback. The exquisite flavor will bring unadultered screaming, fiery pleasure to your numbing palate and taste buds, filling your eyes with tears of joy and extreme virgin heat. Hellenback is strictly for serious, serious hot sauce lovers. Two Chef's rate Hellenback on a scale of (1 to 100), try 101. XXXXXXXXtra Hot. So belly up to the Hellenback bar, and make sure there is a designated driver...

    Ingredients: Habanero Peppers, Crushed Red Peppers, Tomato Juice, Vinegar, Spices, Garlic, Xanthan Gum. Heat Scale
    Size: 210 ml / 7.1 oz

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