Salivation Corporation Thai Chili Oil

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  • All of Salivation Corporation's handcrafted seasoned oils are as appealing to the palate, as they are to the eyes and soul. Each ingredient is hand picked for its Purity & Aesthetics. Then is most carefully placed and layered in Italian glassware, creating an outstanding visual and healthful product. They use no additives or preservatives, and all are non-hydrogenated. The flavours are unique, with each having its own culinary application ... If you could only choose one oil for your kitchen, it would have to be grapeseed oil - Grapeseed oil is extracted from the grapeseeds after wine pressings. The Herbery's naturally infused grapeseed oils are delicious, nutritious and superb for both hot and cold preparations. These wonderful flavours will intensify any dish...

    Ingredients: Garlic, Crushed Chilis, Cinnamon Stick, Roasted Peanuts, 4 Peppercorn Mix, Dried Thai Peppers, Dried D'Arbol Peppers, Canola Oil, Roasted Sesame Oil.
    Size: 250 ml / 8 oz

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