Salivation Corporation Maple Vidal Salad Zest

Salivation Corporation


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  • The quality of a vinaigrette is directly related to the quality of the Vinegar used. They are mellower than regular vinegars and make wonderful salad dressings, especially the Maple Vidal Zest.
    Try marinating asparagus with the Maple Vidal Zest, a bit of oil and a bit of Soya Sauce. Marinate for about an hour then grill. Fantastic. Amazing marinade for Salmon. Simply blend Maple Vidal Zest with equal parts of oil. Marinate Salmon for 40 minutes to a max of 1 hour, then grill or broil. The Maple syrup caramelizes on the flesh and the vinegar helps to penetrate and permeate the meat giving it a wonderful sweetness. Also great in a Waldorf type salad with slices of fresh apples or pears and especially roasted nuts, such as pecans or walnuts.

    Ingredients: VQA Vidal Wine Converted To Vinegar, Seasoned With Quebec Organic Maple Syrup, Garlic, Fresh Ground Pepper.
    Size: 250 ml / 8 oz

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