Salivation Corporation Mango Vinegar

Salivation Corporation


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  • All of our gourmet, naturally infused vinegars, use base vinegars made from wines and ciders. These are much smoother and more flavourful than the common, store bought, distilled vinegars. These handcrafted, quality vinegars are created by adding fresh fruit and herbs to large demijohns, with hot white wine vinegars or ciders, and allowed to brew like a tea. After a few weeks the demijohns are emptied, the vinegar is strained and micro-filtered for clarity. This results in the most natural and enlivened flavours that has touched your palate, and imparts an amazing intensity whenever used. The fruit is heated with white wine vinegar, in stainless steel vats, just to the boiling point, then cooled again. The vinegar is then strained, micro-filtered, and bottled. Our mango vinegar is made the same way, only using an apple cider base, with a hint of vanilla ...

    Size: 250 ml / 8 oz

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