Salivation Corporation Blueberry Balsalmic Salad Zest

Salivation Corporation


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  • What is a ZEST??? Zests are instant, all natural salad dressings and marinades, with fantastic flavours, and so easy to prepare. Salad Zests are basically a concentrated vinegar which is blended with oil, to create the perfect vinaigrette, time after time. Simply add one part Zest to two parts oil, mix well and drizzle over your favourite salad. Zests by themselves contain no oil, which must be added to make a complete dressing. Try adding plain, no fat yogurt for a completely, fat free dressing. The user will determine their own quality and quantity of fat added, a very healthful option. These ZESTS are also incredible marinades for all vegetables, poultry, beef and pork.

    Ingredients: Homemade Blueberry Vinegar Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic, Coarse Ground Black Pepper.
    Size: 250 ml / 8 oz

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