ButtPlug Relief Hot Sauce

Tahiti Joe's


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  • Ok! So, you're constipated. Big deal! You don't want to take that nasty OTC medicine. Who says you have to? Buttplug relief hot sauce is the best stool softener to hit the market in the new millennium. If your bowels are not on the move, this stuff will make it flow like a river after a dam broke. So, save your Chile Ass and down a bottle of Buttplug Relief today. PS. Possible side effects are that it will burn on the way out! OK OK, so I lied, you will feel a Great Burn after your movement.

    Ingredients: Aged Red Peppers, Vinegar, Worcestershire, Habanero Peppers, Concentrated Vegetable Juice (water, tomato, lemon juice, lemon oil, salt, ascorbic acid, malic acid, dehydrated parsley, carrots, bell peppers and beets), Salsa, Honey, Clam Juice, Fresh Onions, Parmesan Cheese, Fresh Garlic in Water, Carrots, Spices, Corn Starch. Heat Scale
    Size: 150 ml / 5 oz

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